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Studio 16 brings the Onalaska and La Crosse WI area an innovative fitness collaboration that provides small group and personal training, yoga, nutrition, and bodywork services. Our instructors are fitness experts who are dedicated to helping you reach your individual fitness and health goals. We are your choice for personal fitness.  Whether you aspire to enjoy a leisurely walk without pain or fatigue or go for it – compete in an elite athletic event or get in the best shape of your life – we are here to help you!
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Studio 16 Gives You Power To Re-invent Yourself!

Personal Training

Move better. Feel better. Be better.
Train for your needs with a customized workout plan.

Small Group Training

Group classes to produce results fast!

Specialized classes with a personal feeling.
Use the power of people for that extra motivational edge!

Amazing Elements ~ Study Yoga

Discover yourself

Yoga for any ability level.
Build Something Beautiful!


Personalized plans

No more guess work!
Eat right ~ whatever your goal.


Restoration Myofascial Release

Manual Therapy
Injury treatment ~ Pain Relief


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Fitness Tips

Doing something as simple as drinking a glass of water and moving through a couple of Downward and Upward Facing Dog poses as you wake up can do wonders to set your system and improve your movement and your overall health! Make it part of your daily routine and you won’t regret it!
30 Minutes of Exercise daily can help you break up your day! Just do your 30 minutes incrementally throughout the day! Dividing it in to 10 minute segments lets you break up your work day and give you a new outlook. Save one of your 10 minute segments for a walk outside! It keeps you on track with your fitness goal and gives you a great ‘change of scenery’ to help clear your mind for better work performance!
Nutrition and health benefits abound! Blend together: ….. We recommend one a day!